Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts leads No. 1 Alabama to 52-6 victory over USC

Photo by: Tony Gutierrez

The Alabama Crimson Tide conquered USC with a smashing score of 52-6, however it did not come easy in the early half of the game. The Tide’s offense struggled to move the ball and capitalize on USC’s inability to reach the end zone.
Alabama’s starter, Blake Barnett, did not quite have the start that everyone anticipated, throwing an incomplete pass and getting sacked before he was replaced by freshman Jalen Hurts.

Hurts’ first drive wasn’t a highlight moment either. The quarterback fumbled and USC recovered, but Hurts settled in and proved why he is deserving of the starting position. Hurts rushed for two touchdowns of his own as well as throwing incredible passes to ArDarius Stewart, one of which he was wide open in the end zone to receive.

That play was the start to a dominating performance by the No. 1 team in the country.

In the second quarter under a USC 2nd & 8, Marlon Humphrey returned an 18-yard interception for an Alabama touchdown.

After rushing 6-yards for another touchdown, with a significant cushion, Nick Saban replaced Hurts to give Barnett more playing time. Barnett seemed much more confident within the quarterback position the second time. He completed a 40-yard pass to O.J. Howard that lead to a touchdown scored by Bo Scarbrough.

Later, Barnett also threw 45-yards for a final score of 52-6.

Saban, who has never started a freshman quarterback, has two incredible players capable of caring the team to another title. Whether it is Hurts or Barnett is yet to be determined, but Alabama started right where they left off and do not seem to be slowing down.